Artur Butaev

Composer, sound designer, music producer

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Welcome to my website.  Over the years, I have devoted myself to composing film and music for show.

With the technological advancement, it allows the producer to explore various possibilities in this area and to promote growth in many ways. For example, I can record the live sounds of certain instruments on one hand - but I can also play exactly the same musical instruments on different computers using special technical means. I use the library of best orchestral music worldwide, recorded in highly professional studios.


The work of a composer always consists of an analysis of contemporary music styles and directions. I know all the factors for the development of successful film music. For me, the most important thing about the music is the melody, so I am on every search for the perfect melody.


Artur Butaev is a composer, music author, producer, sound designer for films and commercials. He was born and grew up in Moscow. In 1990, he graduated from the School of Music and Art.

His scope of specialization includes a diversity of music genres which ranges from pop music to professional film music.  He is actively engaged in music composing and production as well as composing, scoring and soundtracks for films.

He is music author  for international bands and performers. Previously, he was employed as sound designer at the <<UEBERSCHALL>> Germany, as composer and music producer for the German channel VOX TV. He compose music for movies <<Ruleless Game>>, <<Echoes of the WindCurrently>>, and others. He is the composer for the circus mystery „ ARRIOLAS 2017“.

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I am happy to participate in various music projects as a composer or sound designer. Contact me by writing or by phone immediately! I look forward to meeting you.

  • Phone: +49151114991
  • Email: artur-b@gmx.net
  • Facebook: fb.com/butaev